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Meadowmere farm has been a facility dedicated to training, breeding, and showing Morgans since the introduction of its first in the mid-1980s.  Since then, Meadowmere has trained horses and instructed riders for both show, sport, and pleasure alike.  Both equine and human students have enjoyed success from the local venue to the national circuit, including the Morgan Grand Nationals.  Our services of training, introduction, and sales have extended throughout the U.S., Canada, and even parts of Europe.  Specializing in Morgans has always been our goal, but training quality horses from other breeds have certainly been a large part of our success as a stable.

How to Find Us



Meadowmere Farm & training Stable

843 West Rd.

Vernon VT, 05354



Stable Phone:

+1 (802) 254 2176

Josh's Cellphone:

+1 (802) 313 2450

Megan's Cellphone:

+1 (603) 381 2450

Our Location


Just off of I-91, Meadowmere farm is located in the southeast corner of Vermont, bordering both MA and NH.  Our location makes us convenient to service multiple states, and our picturesque landscape makes for an ideal destination for those looking for a reason to travel to New England.

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